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Single Port and

Reduced Port Surgery

Brand Identity

The name OCTO Port originates from Octopus. OCTO port has many similarities to the Octopus in terms of its appearance and unique features. OCTO port allows the user to multi-task using its flexible multiple tentacles, responding to diverse situations in surgery.

Feature & Benefit

Star Sealing System


Developed by DalimsurgNET, the Star Sealing System is a unique universal sealing system shaped like a star with several layered leaves to hold instruments firmly and softly. It also allows active movement for different sizes(5-12mm) of instruments.

Flexible tube type of body & long silicon channel


OCTO Port’s flexible material allows for active movement of several instruments at the same time during triangulation.

D-Filter System


OCTO Port comes with two smoke filtering systems that filter out hazardous surgical smoke, while providing clear vision during surgery.

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